Coaches…Please Stop Doing this with Emotional Eaters

One of the biggest mistakes I see coaches doing , is working with problematic eaters with the same "quick fix mentality" that is used to manage weight loss in the world of diets. It doesnt work to move for one session to the next with problematic eaters and hope that progress will be made. Its like throwing pasta on the wall hoping it will stick. Using tools like food planning, mindfulness and intuitive practices as a complete program will only leave you frustrated, unsure and well as your clients.

Its not enough to use high level questioning and a deep level of empathy to 'heal" the emotional component to food. They are fabulous tools- but not enough.

You MUST implement a step-by-step program of recovery for a problematic eater. There are NO quick fixes for this, but with a program that works with negative cognitions and has clients move from one essential step to the next, they can heal- for LIFE!

There are several underlying components to Problematic Eating that must be addressed- in a VERY specific order at the RIGHT time. When I was suffering myself, I was a daily meditator, had taken 3 courses on "intuitive eating" and was working with a life wasn't enough.

I found the Cognitive Approach- it changed everything… COMPLETE GAME CHANGER.

I have put together the step-by-step formula that has proven to work, not only for myself, but hundreds of other problematic eaters worldwide. It is EXACTLY what I did to heal.

I want to give you the proven system, all the tools you need in a formula that works.

We start May 1st and the Spring Discount is still valid until then!!

if not now- when?

What are other coaches saying?

As a Holistic Nutritionist and Eating Psychology Coach, Shelley’s Food christieFreedom program has provided me with another unique practical tool for my practice. It compliments my eating psychology studies perfectly but doesn’t overlap with what I have already learned. I highly recommend Food Freedom to nutritionists, health coaches, and Eating Psychology Coaches who work with problematic eaters. Thanks for a great tool Shelley! Christie Gibbs, Australia

Doing Shelley’s program absolutely took things to another level cognitively for me. In learning the exercises and implementing them I have found a huge turn around with my clients! After taking this program I was really able to use some concrete tools and language to help move them to the next level. This program is incredibly comprehensive and gives you everything you need to work with any client who might be struggling with problematic eating. I recommend working with Shelley also as she is an expert with the cognitive process and it has been invaluable in my work with clients! – Gillian

I have a HUGE vision of transforming the industry of coaching folks- as health professionals we are too focused on the food and not enough on the REAL problem.

I want to show you how to simplify your work.

I want to show you how to GET RESULTS with clients, and I want to GIVE YOU a proven system that you can implement IMMEDIATELY!

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