How to Clear Blocks and Get Unstuck..Its Not What you Think

How do you really clear those suffocating blocks that prevent your from creating the abundance you want and enable you to start feeling clear, confident and successful as a coach?

Most coaches will tell you to pick up a book on money mindset and to start throwing those affirmations on your fridge on a daily basis.They might encourage Tony Robins podcasts and perhaps a self help seminar. And all of these are okay options..but they will not clear the blocks for good.

What most people don't understand is really how our thoughts affect our patterns, behavior and overall life trajectory, and that there is a specific process to really shake things up here- and shift them altogether! Its about really shifting the internal thermostat of your thinking blueprint altogether! let me break it down for you…

If the weather gets warm outside the temperature rises inside, but eventually falls back to that regulated thermostat shortly thereafter SO, you have to change the thermostat in order to have consistency. The same is true in your life; the thermostat can only change to the extent that you do. Identifying and changing your ‘thermostat’ is the catalyst for the change you seek.

Ok, So WHY change this darn internal thermostat so you STAY free of blocks and discouragement, overwhelm and lack of clarity??

  • This way you can respond appropriately rather than reacting to events and situations by the fears and insecurities of the past-conscious choice.
  • You will start to see that the conditioning is not who you are but who you learned to be.
  • You start to realize, It is all about perception: nothing has meaning except the meaning you give it
  • Thoughts lead to feelings which lead to action which lead to results..and so in this process your RESULTS change simply by you doing this work!!!

I am committed to helping coaches break through these blocks for good and making momentum while being congruent in their practice- this is SO, so important. I see too many coaches trying to do the things that are not connected to their purpose or their brand, and feeling stuck and frustrated day after day.

My 1:1 practice will be shifting in the new year and so I am offering a very intimate opportunity for only six, 1:1 mentorship spots for the next three months ( Oct- Jan). These spots are only for those who are ready to move forward powerfully in their business in the new year and want to create a solid income as a coach in 2017 with systems, structure and a powerful mindset in place. If you are a self starter and committed to your won growth and development, this might be a fit for you! 3 Month Mentorship Program here!

I have 5 spaces left and these will go quickly! Here is the link to learn more and feel free to reach out with any questions at all. (

Im here to serve and I look forward to clearing blocks and creating abundance before 2017 hits! You with me? Lets rock 2017, cuz you deserve it!

In Unity and Freedom,

Shelley :)

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