Challenge: Day 3 ! Whats the Information??

Welcome to Day 3 of our 5 Day Challenge everyone- its been amazing! The Productive Thinking Model is slowly being revealed this week and the lightbulb moments are more than inspiring to witness!

Find the Recording Here!

I am so impressed by the vulnerability and truth..and courage of those who are digging into doing their own mindset work in this challenge!

Each of you is magnificent and each of you deserve to be in alignment with your highest value and mission in your work. When we have thoughts that are not identified, and are not visible, it is very difficult to move forward with our vision and to be motivated to create and inspire!
This process is meant to relive the monkey mind chatter and provide an opportunity for focus and alignment.

On video 3 you are asked to list what you know and do not know about your itch. Be sure to listen to the entire recording- and share your “wonder questions” with us on the Facebook page link! This will help you get clear about what you really need to know to understand and move forward with your “itch”!

If you are not part of our growing supportive community of conscious coaches, be sure to come find us here!

Please share below what you are noticing so far in this process, I would love to hear!

See you soon, on Day 4!

In Unity and Freedom,
Shelley 🙂

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