This is WHY You Can Never Be A Fraud


If you are new to the field or maybe new to working with emotional eaters, you may have had this dreadful thought, " Im a fraud". Its the belief that will take you out of the game faster than anything else..and it simply can't be true!

I want to tell you why.

This whole deal- your business…are you ready?….Its not about you!

Thats right. Its not about you at all.

Its about you getting out of your own way to serve and show up and its really none of your business who participates. Once we understand this important truth- everything gets a whole lot easier!

I used to worry about getting online, launching programs and creating copy- but now i realize that my job is to share my truth and my knowledge and trust that the perfect people will show up to work with me- and that continues to be my experience! Visit the live video that was created in the Emotional Eating Coaches Facebook Group here as I launched into this juicy topic!

I realized that so many coaches are still stuck in this place and this was some of the fears that surfaced in the 5 day challenge last week, so I wanted to be sure to address it right away! Those of you who jumped into the challenge with both feet understand the power of getting clear on your itch and doing the juicy restructuring work we did last week! I have heard so many "ah-ha's" and so many coaches are launching forward with new projects and a lot less fear!

This is the first part of the Conscious Coaching Model : Restructuring Thought. There are many ways to do it and it varies depending on many factors but it is the first essential step in an emotional turnaround! However- its NOT the only step!!

If you want to master your thinking and your motivation, as well as your success in your business, you must complete the 2nd step: Reframing Belief. Because I know that you want to be DONE with this negative nellie stuff so you can get on with your business in a powerful way I want to give you the chance to COMPLETE the process with me!

Only for the next 4 days I am offering a 1:1 session to show you just how to complete the Productive Thinking Model Reframe so that you can share this process with your clients as well! For this very limited time, I am offering this sessions at a 50% discount! I will ONLY be working with 6 people at $95.00 USD. This is an absolute, crazy steal- but I really want to give you the opportunity to do this incredible work with me! Act fast because only 6 coaches have the opportunity for this slashed 1:1, 60 minute reframe session! If you didn't have time to get in on the challenge- no worry, we can fly through the process so that you have a full understanding on the call!

First come, first serve so email me quick here:

WHY? Because you deserve to get rid of this stuff once and for all!

See you soon!

In Unity and Freedom,

Shelley :)



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