I Came Really Close to Death this Week- and Im Grateful


Sometimes we really don't know why things happen the way they do. Except maybe just to wake us up to the preciousness of each and every moment.

One minute Im driving down the street humming to the radio, the next a huge truck has run a stop sign, and is directly in front of me.

We collided. My car was totalled, ambulance..hospital.

Needless to say Im a very grateful girl right now, resting at home with no broken bones and pain that will heal.

I wanted to reach out to my community here to simply say "thank-you". 

Thank-you for sharing your truth as a wellness practitioner and taking a stand for what you believe. Working with emotional eaters takes something. It is not always easy. Thank- you for being open to learn and for giving me the courage, desire and inspiration to share.

Today I feel blessed for the simple things…

The sound of the crows outside my window, my 20 year old nephew texting me that he loves me ( I never hear from him…lol), and the sound of the ocean just blocks away.

We have big work to do on this planet. And I look forward to ever more inspiration, passion and commitment to serving those with tools to think better..in all areas of life.

Sending light and blessings to each of you- and much gratitude,


In Unity and Freedom :),


Wellnessfranki durbin