Its my Birthday… And I Have a little Something to Say :)

Today is my birthday..and Im sharing to thank you all…and I felt maybe you could relate to my intention ;)

…from one holistic entrepreneur to another :)

It has been such an interesting year with so many gifts to be open to receive and also challenges to stay present for...

Just the gift of another year on the planet is enough to be grateful for but to have so much love and blessings in my life feels overwhelming today. Work that I feel committed and passionate about, a vision that excites me to my core, sweet friends and loved ones and so many opportunities for growth and change!

I realize that the last few months and recovering from an accident I have had to surrender so many things and the way I thought my life would be going this year… But in that I have received so many gifts I had no idea were around the corner. New fulfilling relationship, new partnerships, an opportunity for deeper self-care and a real chance to get to know myself on another level.
Thank you for walking this journey with me, supporting me, sharing your truth, and being part of my life. I'm so excited for what is about to unfold😊

My intention this year is to live in more joy and humor! I can be so serious and my challenge is sometimes to embrace the reality that ultimately things don't make sense! The only thing that truly makes sense is letting go of anything we continue to hold onto… and this year I intend to do it with a smile😊

"We need to bring a sense of humour to all aspect of our lives – even to positive aspects such as well-being, harmony, and peace. When we take these things too seriously, Joy becomes pain, peace becomes annoying, and harmony becomes contrived. To have genuine have any, peace, and joy, we need to cut through seriousness with a sense of humor."- Dzigar Kongtrula25r6838

I am asking of my friends and colleagues to share their own TIPS on how to keep smiling, regardless of what is going on- What do you do to "keep the humour"? I would love to know :)

Thank-you for being you, for being part of my community here, and for continuing to support me on mine. I am so grateful- and today I want to just thank YOU!

In Unity and Freedom :)


Wellnessfranki durbin