Biggest Weight Loss Mistake…ever.

As a wellness counsellor I work with many women who want to lose weight. They are clear that what they have tried has not worked. They are eating too much, and are either looking for emotional eating help or simply hopeful to find a solution to a problem, not only with weight and overall health but body image issues and obsession with shape and weight as well. Not all are  in a place of needing eating disorder help but many are simply looking for a way to stop the battle with food, shape and weight and begin to LOVE who they are. They are sick and tired of being sick and tired with the struggle…with food. The common thread with anyone who needs help with food, shape and weight is that they have been stuck with what I believe is the biggest myth in society today..the idea that a diet is going to solve the problem. This belief keeps the strongest industries in business, it keeps women struggling for freedom and equality, and it confirms the worst nightmare for every problematic eater…you're not good enough and you always must try harder.

WHY?  Because the diet never works.

There is always a time when the diet fails…because that's what diets are suppose to do. The word "diet" itself assumes that there will be a beginning and an end. And for a problematic eater, this is the never ending pattern of defeat.

The biggest weight loss mistake is to weigh yourself. Its that simple.

The scale is nothing but a tool that is used to ensure you never feel quite "good enough". The scale is the ongoing link to yoyo dieting. Its what keeps you either doing 'good" or "bad". It keeps you in black and white, rigid thinking. It destroys your self worth, hope and self esteem. Being attached to a number on the scale is telling yourself that you are not good enough, that you must be better… and it continues the obsession with food, which ironically is what causes weight gain!

So what to do after you throw away the scale?

1. Decide you are ready and willing to be absolutely honest with yourself about your relationship with food. Is there a mental/ emotional component? Are you ready to heal- for good? Are you done with the quick fix?

2. Work with a professional who knows how to facilitate cognitive process so you can begin to let go of your black and white thinking around food, weight and shape.

3. Look at your level of self care…I mean really LOOK AT IT. Does everyone come before you? Do you find yourself doing everything for everyone else and putting yourself last? Do you sacrifice yourself at the expense of your own health and happiness? What are 3 actions steps you can take in this area?

4. Develop a regular pattern of eating by committing to 3 meals and 2 snacks a day, ensuring you eat every 3-4 hours. Skipping meals, fasting and restricting ( eating very small amounts) is not an option here.

5. Let go of the concept of "trigger foods' and embrace the concept of "trigger thoughts". Begin to record your thoughts and emotions at every eating period for at least 2 weeks. What patterns do you notice? What is "under" your hunger and over/under eating?

6.  Learn how to bring mindful breathing into your daily life. When you are conscious you have choice. When you have choice, you make healthy decisions. Yoga, Thai Chi, or mindfulness workshops can be helpful here. Determine how stress is affecting your life. What is 1 change you can make right now to lessen the stress in your life?

7. Look in the mirror and tell yourself something you love about your body every day. As uncomfortable as it may be, commit to it for 30 days.

8. Create or join a community of support. Spend time with people into your life who understand and respect your journey.

9. Let go of perfections…and keep letting go. This is a journey, and there will be ups and downs. Be very gentle with yourself.

10. Take time to yourself every day- reading, writing, meditating and developing a juicy and intimate connection with YOU.

Healing problematic eating, and losing the unwanted pounds for good is not about a "bad foods" list, nor is it about deprivation or struggle. When you start to really GIVE your body, mind and spirit what it needs- and I don't mean the food it craves, but instead what it is yearning for deep down, the pounds will go. I promise they will. When you make the decision that you are WORTH the journey, that is when it begins.


Make the decision today. Choose to say NO to the New years hype this year. Decide that you are worth more than another crash course diet. Make 2015 your year…to lose the weight for good, and heal for life.

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