The Biggest Mistake I see Emotional Eating Coaches Making…


Seeing this so so much these days…working with emotional eaters we are moving in with food solutions..when there is no food problem..eek!

Regardless your niche…regardless of your area of expertise…if you are working with an emotional eater, you must use a psychological solution…WHY? …cuz its a psychological problem :)

More on that here friends:


I have been very excited this week to share the first inside launch of my discounted program ( only until Wednesday) ….INSIGHT MASTERY 

This isn't for everyone but is a fit for the person who is committed to getting deeper into solution focused work with clients..and less draining coaching days!

Its for those of you who are the initiators of your life, the creators of something REALLY big, who are wanting to make that happen for your clients as well.

When I got committed to the deeper level work I offer in this program, everything changed in my life.

I mean everything.

My health, my business and my confidence in ALL areas.

Im now taking interviews for this higher level course and am being very selective with whom I teach and mentor this deeper level work. It is for entrepreneurs who are SERIOUS about taking their business to the next level. You are ready to do the real work it requires to make serious money. And you want to dive in the cognitive work and really learn how to facilitate like a LEADER :)

I did 8 years of very intense training using the Cognitive Techniques, AND DEVELOPED A SYSTEM THAT CREATES RESULTS AFTER 1 SESSION … real results that empower change and facilitate the real work.

I healed myself of an eating disorder and addiction issues that had me close to death. I have been free for over 15 years and am SO passionate about this work and teaching others who to use the powerful strategies that so many are now implementing in their practice!

This program is for you if:
- You are ready to do your own cognitive work, and you understand that this is connected to REALLY being able to help others.
- You want to make a lot of money in this industry, and you are ready for that!
- You want to feel confident with this work and attract HIGH QUALITY clients.
- You want to master a technique that will set you apart in this industry and really position you as an expert and a leader in this field.
- You are ready to do WHATEVER it takes to make this happen for are an action taker and not a victim.

More here:

Email me with questions or to set up an interview time- I have only 3 spaces left!

Over here believing in you and so excited about co-creating cognitive change worldwide!

In Unity and Freedom,

Shelley :)

*  be sure to let me know you received this message for a  $100.00 DISCOUNT OFF THE PRICE!


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