Big Perspective Shift that Changed Everything! (Its not what you think!)

One of the biggest Perspective shifts that had me first solidify those $10,000 months for me was this:


This is no joke, and it took me a LONG time to figure it out. I don't know about you, but when I was starting out as a coach I would get stuck in the overwhelm and disappointment phase because where I wanted to be was SO far from where I was, and what made it worse? I was planning for the present looking towards the future….

And when I did this, I would look forward towards the future and my mind would get caught up in worrying about whether I can overcome a number of stumbling blocks to achieving my goals… Not only that but looking from the present to the larger future forced me to look from a smaller picture to a bigger one- and it was so easy to miss things this way!!

This perspective shift changed everything for me guys- like everything. I realized that there are 2 components essentially to every successful business: vision and structure. I had solidified my vision and was in aligned with where I was going… but I was approaching my structure completely backwards!
The shift was realizing that I had to plan FROM THE LARGER FUTURE TO THE PRESENT!


By starting with the larger picture of the future, thinking I had already achieved my goals, I can imagine things with certainty- I act as if Im in the future then look back to see how I did it! My brain seems to think I have already managed the difficulties along the way!!!

From this place of "thinking big", I then had to put the structures in place to support the vision. Thinking big is not enough without structure. I then broke things down into steps and momentum would kick in taking me to my next stage of growth..continuously!

*** What is your experience with starting from the future and working backwards with business structure and vision?

I would love to hear!! :)

In Unity and Freedom,

Shelley :)

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