Are we Killing our Clients with Kindness..and Even with Food?

Getting Real Here Today Guys! Are we killing our clients with kindness ..and even with food??

Ive done it and I see it everywhere in this industry.

Giving clients a meal plan or food advice..when the real problem really has nothing to do with food at all.

I know that we all go into this work wanting to really serve- and we know so much about health that we want to really make an impact that way with clients..and this is SO great!

However, if we miss the most important aspect of changing someone's health- their healthy THINKING..then we will not get the results we want!

If someone cannot CHOOSE heath, they will not be able to follow your plans, your recommendations or your amazing coaching advice.

It has nothing to do with you- its just not possible!

Until they change the cognitive files that are running the show, they will be stuck…

And we all want clients coming back 5 years later sharing their continued freedom with food- RIGHT!?

I have clients email me daily and share how empowered they are to CHOOSE health. This is what inspires me every day to keep going!

If we do the "kindness" thing, and give them a plan that does not look at what is underneath the eating, we are not serving in the powerful ways we are able!

The triangle for food recovery includes : relationships, mind, and the brain.

The cognitive work covers ALL of these elements- and its easy to use! The essential steps are:

  1. Find the thought that has them stuck
  2.  Identify the distortions with each thought
  3. Replace the thought with an affirmation they BELIEVE to be true!

How are you empowering others with LONGTERM health??

Please share below!

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In Freedom and Unity,

Shelley :)


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