Why Affirmations are Causing More Harm Than Good!

Why affirmations are causing more harm than good….a bold statement I know…. I went live on our Facebook group and I wanted to share here!

Would love to hear your thoughts!



What do you use instead with clients who are STUCK?

A PROVEN SYSTEM to help clear the negative excuses that are getting in the way…I want to help you with this so you can get the results YOU want and your clients deserve!

I am taking offering 5 spots for  Discovery Call with me next week so I can share with you where you are getting stuck with emotional eaters and how you can start getting results  AND expand your reach!

A Discovery Call is for you if:

  • You are getting stuck with clients who do not follow your suggestions and are full of excuses
  • You are getting tired and are putting too much effort in to the work
  • You are not seeing the results you know your clients can get
  • You have never been exposed to the Cognitive Approach and are wanting to understand how you can use it in your own niche with clients


Email me ASAP to take one of these 5 spots, they will go fast!

In Freedom and Unity,

Shelley :)

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