I Actually Quit Coaching at one Point…

Just 8 years ago, I was stressed out working in this industry as a health coach.Too many times my clients would come back week after week without making any progress. They would lose a few pounds just to gain it all back again.

Every session with a client like this was torture because they told me everything was OK… but nothing changed. They felt frustrated and hopeless because they just couldn’t stick to the plan we agreed to.

I would feel insecure and unsure because I didn’t know how to help them. I knew my plan worked but the clients just couldn’t follow through. Eventually the clients stopped showing up for their sessions or they ran out of sessions without making much progress.

They had hired me to help them create lasting change in their life… and I had failed.
I was burnt out and frustrated at how “hard” it was to help people stick to food plans, and I was getting bored of talking about smoothies and watching people suffer behind the scenes.
I was working too hard for too little money, and in my heart I knew I wasn’t making the meaningful impact I was born for.

I became exhausted and stressed out. I felt I wasn’t working in a place where I was really making the kind of impact in health and wellness that I desired.
I actually stopped seeing clients at this point. I just couldn’t do it anymore.
I was tired of seeing every client show up asking for help with “food” when it was actually a deeper emotional issue.

I Actually quit coaching at this point; I just couldn't do it anymore.

The big “A-HA” moment came to me when I was sitting with a friend who had watched me on my own journey from hell and back with food recovery.
I had prayed for inspiration. She simply asked me why I wasn’t sharing what I had done to recover from emotional eating all these years…and I realized how healed myself was exactly what needed to be shared.

Relief flooded through my body. This new (and obvious but not clear) idea was exciting and liberating. I knew there was a more fulfilling, happier business waiting for me.
I was an emotional eater to the core…and I healed myself with mentorship and cognitive strategies I use today but I was stuck as to how to share this with others in a way that was simple, effective and would have them coming back to do the work and heal!

The Cognitive Approach with the Conscious Coaching Method changed my life.

I realized I had to be sharing this work so other coaches could create the global impact they were meant to and their clients could have full recovery from any emotional eating issues at all.

It changed my clients lives. It continues to inspire health professionals globally and is now reaching doctors, TCM's, Naturopaths, and dieticians globally.

Wellness practitioners NEED a step by step process to deal with problematic eating. They need specific, clear techniques that WORK, and can be used by anyone.
Ive done this work for you and Im sharing it because my MISSION is to empower every health practitioner with the cognitive tools that saved my own life, and are scientifically proven to be the BEST tools for eating issues in therapeutic Psychology.
The Breaking Free Practitioner Program is at a HUGE discount and many have already jumped on board! I have decided to extend this for 2 more days- only for those here!!

Here's what just a couple of practitioners are saying..

"As a Holistic Nutritionist and Eating Psychology Coach, Shelley’s Food Freedom program has provided me with another unique practical tool for my practice. It compliments my eating psychology studies perfectly but doesn’t overlap with what I have already learned. I highly recommend Food Freedom to nutritionists, health coaches, and Eating Psychology Coaches who work with problematic eaters. Thanks for a great tool Shelley"!- Christy

My practice has blossomed since I took this course and I feel it was the best decision I have made in terms of bringing my business to the next level. Shelley is very skilled at this process and in teaching it. She walked me through step by step and was there to answer any questions I had. I highly recommend this course!" – Gina Ledwith, Health Coach

I invite you to join us in creating transformation on a global level with problematic eating! I look forward to personally walking you through this cognitive work! Join HERE!

See you soon :)

In Unity and Freedom,


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