5 Ways To Get Your "Summer Body"- ALL Year Long!

Well, its that time of year again…. Media is fast and strong around obtaining the perfect summer body…tanned, toned and slim are the high profile words on every second billboard and commercial. The diet and "counting calories" industry is in full swing…and I am curious about just how much all of this really serves?

I'm all about being healthy. Like everyone, I want to feel good in my body and I like to feel attractive. On some level- we all want this. We all want to feel confident. We all want strength. We all want acceptance and acknowledgment. And we all want to feel good in our skin.

But its time for a NEW paradigm around shape, weight and body image. Its just time. The quick fix, diet industry has created nothing but a population of paranoid of women (and men) who are paranoid about staying beautiful and young, struggling to keep up with the next "hottest" trend on the market.

Women globally have truly been stuck in a paradigm that suggests that food is the enemy- and if they could just stop eating that danger food, everything would be ok. They are led to believe they will lose the weight, feel good, and be appreciated by society…and therefore themselves. But is this so?

There is another way. There is a way to be healthy, strong, confident, and desirable. Its not about restriction, denial, or self punishment. Yes you can let go of foods that are not serving your body but you don't need to swear them off as a solemn oath- only to eat them in guilt and shame later. You can enjoy life, AND be healthy! 

You CAN have it all!

So how do you get this "summer body" - which really means healthy body that is unique only to you ( thats what's so great about it!) 

First of all get off the quick fix, diet mentality roller coaster and start embracing WHO YOU ARE!

1. Decide- Decide you are ready to embrace who you are. Decide that this year you are not falling into the trap of the summer" diet"mentality. Do it different! The ironic thing is, when you begin to let go of this and start to look at what is causing your unhealthy eating patterns, the weight comes off!

2. Water - This seems so simple but its a tool that I suggest using not as a "diet tip" but as a nourishment tip. Water is cleansing. Most of our body is made of water. Carry a water bottle and make it exciting! Add lemon or fruit occasionally and set a timer if you have a hard time remembering to drink it. This will help with hunger and cravings as well!

3. Crowd Out- A wonderful tool for getting off the diet cycle and simply bringing nourishment into your life! Crowd out the toxic foods by simply adding more healthy ones to your diet. Load up on the side salad at lunch, add an extra serving of veggies at dinner and plans to eat your "that " along side a healthy option!

4. Mental Detox- Get rid of the detox mentality when it comes to food! It will only create more black and white thinking and extremes if you are a problematic eater. Sticking to a regular plan of eating is essential. Instead, detox your thoughts! What thoughts do you have influencing your self esteem throughout the day? Write down your thoughts for 3 days every time you eat. Notice what is there- you will be surprised! From here you can use the cognitive behavioural approach to shift and change those!

To learn more about how you can do this, feel free to contact me for a complimentary consultation!

5. Mindful Lifestyle Program- The word " mindfulness" has become trendy over the past few years but being mindful simply means being present- being in the moment, rather than worry about the past or obsessing about the future. In order to stay present with food, and out of the "trance" that has problematic eaters stuck over and over again, you need to learn how to stay present. This is possible! To break the food trance, you begin by creating a normal pattern of eating, and regulating stress and anxiety with delay breath, and cognitive restructuring. To start, create a morning practice where you are quiet and mindful for 5 minutes before you leave the house. Just breath and walk through your day, visualizing how it will flow. Then start to implement this for one minute before each meal!

For more information on how to break the food trance for good, and have a glance at our 12 week program starting July 6th : click here!

I would love to hear your thoughts…have you decided to be healthy for life? Please share if you know someone who could benefit!

Wellnessfranki durbin