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Emotional Eating Coaches- The most effective Tools for YOU!!!

What a fantastic live training last night right!? Replay is available for 48 hours if you were not able to make it! We covered so many juicy bits like: the background of neuroscience and cognitive restructuring, how mindfulness and intuitive eating are not enough, why clients are struggling years longer than they need to and how the Conscious Coaching Model got me out of the stress of all this and into success..for me AND they women I worked with!

I am excited to share that I am also offering a HUGE DISCOUNT on my Breaking Free Practitioners Training Program, starting NOW, and only for a very SHORT TIME! 

If you could wave a magic wand and create health business that served every client’s needs but could also keep your own specialization what would that look like?

-A lucrative health business that brings in ideal clients you LOVE to work with?
-A sense of relaxation and satisfaction being able to share in a way that doesn’t have you feeling drained with clients?
-A confidence in coaching that empowers you to take your niche and expand it tenfold using cognitive strategies in whatever you do?
-Abundant, consistent cash flow that allows you to give generously to yourself and others
-Deep happiness and fulfillment knowing you’re making a bigger, more meaningful impact with your gifts?
-The freedom to let go of worry and stress associated with clients not “sticking” to the program?
-Deep fulfillment and joy because you’re making the impact you were born for?
-A “done for you” program with all the tools to take your business from mediocre to thriving
-Easy to use, cognitive exercises to use with clients who are stuck with old eating habits, or any stress or emotional issues at all!

If you are like many of my clients you may be feeling:

-Frustrated with the revolving door of clients who can’t seem to break their bad acting habits
-Exhausted trying to figure out how to help clients who don’t believe your program will work
-Overwhelmed because of a lack of resources to truly serve an emotional or compulsive eater
-Tired of spending $5000 a year on programs that don’t really help you go deeper with clients
-Fed up of working evenings and weekends to try to widen your reach in your practice

You’re in the right place if…

-You’re tired of launching food plans that don’t “stick” and you want to create deeper change
-You’re confused about how to serve emotional eaters and don’t know where to start
-You don’t have time to create a new coaching program that works for ALL clients
-You are attracting clients that don’t stick to food plans or who are a lot of work
In fact, you are exhausted of putting out effort and getting little in return.
-You are noticing many clients do not believe that your program will work…therefore they don’t have success
-You want to feel confident to work with ANY client that comes in the door
-You don’t know where to start when it comes to offering info products or programs

….And you’re stuck. Your business is a lot of work with little return and difficult clients.

Curing Emotional Eating is easier than you might think…

I’ve walked this path and learned from personal experience – it IS possible and easier than you might think when you have the right technique and tools.
If I can do it, YOU can do it. Here’s how I made the leap…

Breaking Free Problematic Eating Practitioners Training Program ( BFPTP)

Trust your vision to leverage your business in emotional eating, and commit to making it REAL.

You need to start now.
Don't wait- this $200.00 DISCOUNT IS LIMITED to the next 48 hours!
Im here to answer any questions at all- feel free to send me a message!

In Unity and Freedom,

Shelley :)

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