My Story- What Happened and how I got here…

My Story ….

Many of you know my story of how I almost quit coaching…My INSIGHT PROGRAM is what I DID to shift where I was..


It is how I went from $200 months to $10,000 months…its how I went from scared to confident and from uncertain to complete belief in my vision :)

Just 8 years ago, I was stressed out working in this industry as a health coach.
Too many times my clients would come back week after week without making any progress. They would lose a few pounds just to gain it all back again.

Every session with a client like this was torture because they told me everything was OK… but nothing changed. They felt frustrated and hopeless because they just couldn’t stick to the plan we agreed to.
I would feel insecure and unsure because I didn’t know how to help them. I knew my plan worked but the clients just couldn’t follow through. Eventually the clients stopped showing up for their sessions or they ran out of sessions without making much progress.


They had hired me to help them create lasting change in their life… and I had failed.

I was burnt out and frustrated at how “hard” it was to help people stick to food plans, and I was getting bored of talking about smoothies and watching people suffer behind the scenes.
I was working too hard for too little money, and in my heart I knew I wasn’t making the meaningful impact I was born for.
I became exhausted and stressed out. I felt I wasn’t working in a place where I was really making the kind of impact in health and wellness that I desired.

I actually stopped seeing clients at this point. I just couldn’t do it anymore.

I was tired of seeing every client show up asking for help with “food” when it was actually a deeper emotional issue.

I realized i had to do the deeper work to feel GOOD in this industry. I had to be talking about more than smoothies for long term recovery to be a reality for people..and to LOVE what I was doing!

I was an emotional eater to the core…and I healed myself with mentorship and cognitive strategies I use today but I didn't realize I needed to share this in a way that was powerful for others!


My Breaking Free Program has served hundreds of coaches wanting to work with emotional eaters and now I am offering something that takes this work to an entirely different level. People asked me how to go deeper into the cognitive work as a coach-The coaches that are working with me are seeing results. Its all about committing to the process- committing to something BIGGER.

Im so excited to be starting this journey with: Richelle Ludwig, Tammy Brennan Teslyk, Natalie Baack, Hannah Looney and Tina Cufaro !!!


If this is you- don't miss this opportunity!


Only until Wednesday I am offering a discount of $100.00 on this initial launch! I only have 3 spaces left! Contact me for your interview :


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In Unity and Freedom,

Shelley :)

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