UNLEASHING INSIGHT MASTERY..This is not for everybody

Coaches, I'm so excited to finally introduce the:


I'm unleashing this program here before the full launch to give you FIRST GRABS ! I already have coaches who have asked and jumped on board and are having HUGE results in just a few sessions!

Many coaches I have been working with have been asking to go deeper with the cognitive model. They want to learn how to use this work in ALL areas of life.

-They want to learn how to feel confident 100% of the time in their coaching business.

-They want to make money and serve others with a HUGE mission for healing.

-They are not scared to look at themselves, to do their own, work, to clear their own shadows.

- They want to work on what is under the food "issues" and do some powerful long term work with ANY niche, but a focus on emotional eating components.

Is this YOU?

I'm now taking interviews for this higher level course and am being very selective with whom I teach and mentor this deeper level work. It is for entrepreneurs who are SERIOUS about taking their business to the next level. They are ready to do the real work it requires to make serious money. And they want to dive in the cognitive work and really learn how to facilitate like a LEADER :)

I have done over 8 years of very intense training using the Cognitive Techniques and have spent over $50.000 in training.. and healed myself of an eating disorder and addiction issues that had me close to death. I have been free for over 15 years and am SO passionate about this work and teaching others who to use the powerful strategies that so many are now implementing in their practice!

This high level program is for you if:
- You are ready to do your own cognitive work, and you understand that this is connected to REALLY being able to help others.
- You want to make a lot of money in this industry, and you are ready for that!
- You want to feel confident with this work and attract HIGH QUALITY clients.
- You want to master a technique that will set you apart in this industry and really position you as an expert and a leader in this field.
- You are ready to do WHATEVER it takes to make this happen for yourself..you are an action taker and not a victim.

Coaches, if this sounds like you I need you to email me asap to get on the list for an interview as I am only taking a small number of clients for this first INSIGHT MASTERY program.

You will be working with ME in a 1:1 Skype setting and you will have shifts IMMEDIATELY with this work. There are 2 levels in the program so be sure to look closely at the options.

  • I am offering $100.00 discount for the first 5 people registered!

Email me with questions or to set up an interview time. Don't wait- this will fill up FAST :


What are others saying?

Bridgett, Nanaimo, BC
“I can’t begin to describe my gratitude for the work I have done with Shelley. It’s hard to put into words what happens to you when you dig into the cognitive work at this level. I felt stuck with my own thinking around being “good enough” and feeling “undervalued”. The work I did with Shelley has helped me let go of those belief systems at a core level! I feel FREE and am now able to market this work to others feeling totally in alignment with it. I feel I truly have something unique AND POWERFUL to offer in my coaching practice. Thank you, Shelley!”

Andrea, Vancouver, BC
“Up-Level has not only shifted the way I work with clients but it completely transformed my own mindset and I am easily able to grow my business without my won negative thinking getting in the way! This is about MUCH more than emotional eating- this is about having a complete transformation in thought and sharing that EXPERIENCE with others- there is nothing like it! I highly recommend “Up level” if you want to grow your business powerfully, teach clients what nobody out there is really even touching on, and transform your own life..in whatever area you feel stuck!”

If you want to move forward in your practice, you must do your own work folks. There really is no short cuts here and its what has had me be successful above anything else. I have spent over 8 years in personal development and cognitive training and I have developed a system that works immediately- you WILL have shits after the first call!

Im so excited- this is it friends. This is the juice :)

Cant wait to talk to you soon, if you are ready to SHOW up in this way for YOU!

In Unity and Freedom,

Shelley :)

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