2017: Let's Do This. #quitplayingsmall

With the holiday season upon us, I know you are swamped with answering emails, writing copy and figuring out how to grow your biz…while also fitting in errands, parties, yoga classes and fulfilling client sessions, so thanks for taking the time for you right here. You might also be spending these days deep in thought on the year passed and all that you accomplished  and how much you have grown and where you are heading with 2017 just around the corner…while buying gifts, attending parties and visiting loved ones of course :) 

One of the beautiful things about this time of year  is that it is an opportunity for us to take a pause as well. Going into the winter solstice is a time when the earth gets quiet and we can embrace reflection and quiet, to really look at what we want for ourselves in our lives both in and outside of business. You may have had some really hard times this year in life, relationship, health or business and some deep desires about what you are ready to manifest in the coming months.

You may be in a state of pure joy and celebration…or you may feel a sense of frustration and angst which is hard to admit, especially at this time of year. When those thoughts of not doing enough, or having enough..or not BEING enough sneak in, it can be all consuming and can create a ripple effect of sadness, loss, fear…and even depression. Whats can even be more frustrating here is that believing that your desires are just not sign to happen then blocks you off from receiving the very gifts you so deserve! 

So if you are feeling joyful and excited about what is to come, and you already to transform your life in all areas this year- fantastic! And if instead you are feeling that blockage and are uncertain you have what it takes, then take a few minutes to feel it, process it…then let it go. Because the truth is- you would not be here right now, reading this, if you were not meant to be an inspired and empowered coach; if you were not meant to have all your dreams come true.

Its all on its way dear one! Whatever you have been working so hard on this year, and wherever you have focused your energies- they are not wasted! Time takes time- something I have learned along the way…and asking for help is never a bad thing either!

Here's the thing: You are not stuck. You are not helpless- and you can have it ALL! Really! If you are feeling that low energy then process it- let it all out, then seek support and take a step forward every day! Growth is about deciding to let go of playing small…in ALL areas of life and sometimes the universe gives us little reminders about that…just like this one ;) I want to put out a hand for those of you who are closing the year feeling ready. Ready to make things happen. Ready to follow your dreams. Ready to grow, change and empower others. Ready to be in your power and highest vibration! 

We are now taking applications for Living Brilliance Mastermind; an intimate group of 12 women who will be learning, growing and manifesting together in ALL areas of life! If you are ready to say hello to the next best version of yourself and to create what you know deep down you are meant to in your business, then we need to chat :) Its time to look ahead and live brilliantly from this moment forward!

Here’s the thing…there are a whole lot of courses out there these days that talk about systems and structures or “how to” steps and formulas…the problem with those is, they don’t teach you much about real client attraction, how to grow a sustainable business and how to sell. The even bigger issue is that these programs do very little to target the biggest issue of all- the personal development that is necessary to develop a long term, successful business. Every client I have ever worked with has needed to address what was going on inside in order to succeed on the outside, be it mindset, boundaries or confidence and clarity in and with themselves. In order to show up 100% and be seen as an expert, you must BE and feel, as you are that expert on the inside.

You must be ready an able to show up and feel good doing it. Many people do not realize that to be the superstar in their business, they must become the superstar in their own lives- from mindset to self-love and confidence. Without transforming your own blocks and challenges, there is very little point in learning the tools and strategies of online business. And here's the thing:You don’t need to do this alone! This high vibe, intimate mastermind, Living Brilliance, is about just that. It is about stepping into mastery of the brilliance of who you are as a person and therefore allowing you to shine as a coach and online entrepreneur.

Fill out the application and come with all your questions. I look forward to chatting to see if this is a fit for you! And if its not- how we can get you to massive momentum and deep manifestation regardless! CLICK HERE FOR LIVING BRILLIANT :)

This time of year is an opportunity. Its about about the ability to start fresh with a decision to make 2017 the year you step into your power fully, own your worth and serve in the way you are meant to- the way that you were born to serve on this planet! And I have your back every step of the way! 

Let's make magic this year Conscious Coaches!

xo Shelley

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