The 5 REAL Reasons you Can't Stop Emotional Eating

We have heard the idea that our thoughts create our reality, that what we think becomes our reality...but how many of us actually live this way consciously ? How many of us actually attribute any issues or discomfort in our lives to our past thought patterns ? It can seem impossible to change a pattern of thinking that has become a deep rooted habit in our lives and so most of us never look at how our mind is creating our reality. We don't actually understand that the thoughts created years ago can still have a huge impact on our present life and more importantly that we have control over that ! We may habitually think the same thought continuously so it seems we arn't choosing it but ....we did make the original choice ! Consider that food is not the enemy...that when our thinking is in the right place, we can make food choices that serve our bodies and our minds. We can refuse to think certain thoughts- but we must BELIEVE what we choose. What are the distorted thoughts and beliefs that are no longer serving you ? What are you ready to let go of ? If you could really CHOOSE what the next day, month, year could look like...what would that be ?

Im going to talk about the REAL reasons Emotional Eating may be a problem for you or someone you are working with as a client..and its not what you think!

  1. Unawareness


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