12 Week Program Opens !

I struggled with food for 15 years. I hated myself, and I thought it would never end- ever.

I have now been completely free from restriction, compulsive overeating, binge eating, bulimia, orthorexia, overexercising, obsessing, low self worth and body image issue.

….Completely free.

When you make a decision to HEAL and to surrender to the "fight against" food", your life changes in miraculous ways. This has been my experience. Freedom unfolds not only on your plate, but in places you least expected! Relationships transformed, friendships strengthened and a deep knowing of peace and trust emerges in your day to day life. For this I am in deep gratitude. I suffered for many years thinking that if I just "controlled" MORE, if I just "tired" HARDER things would be ok. I would beat this. Eventually I began to think that I would never get well; that this was something I would struggle with for life.

If you truly WANT to heal, and you understand that it is not about the food, you can absolutely end this battle once and for all. I finally came to a place of surrender in my own life- a place where I was willing to do whatever it took to let go of the battle once and for all. It was a journey of courage and strength and it has brought more gifts than I could ever imagine..mostly a deep connection with my own spirit and a yearning to bring myself to a deeper place of love every step of the way.

Today I am eternally thankful for this and I invite you to look at how far you have come, regardless of where you are at right now. Thank yourself deeply for continuing to show up FOR YOU. Thank yourself for your spirit, your strength, your courage and the incredible temple that has you here every day on this planet- your BODY!

me power !

Most of you know I have published my program and it is now available online. I have been walking groups through this program in a very detailed and intimate setting. This is all done online with a great deal of 1:1 work and support. For a problematic eater, the book is only a beginning- the program will help you take your healing to another level.

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So WHAT is Problematic Eating? 

Problematic Eating is a term that describes any situation whereby a person is not able to eat without stress of some kind. Usually, but not always, this person is also overly concerned with weight and shape, or has a strong concern about how one looks. A person with Problematic Eating will experience emotional, environmental, cognitive and/or interpersonal triggers that will lead them to act out in behaviors that are destructive around food. Eating emotionally, because of feelings, is one factor that may exist and/or eating compulsively, in a trance state, consuming food long after the point of being full.

Often, a problematic eater will experience episodes of eating compulsively, and often experience Binge Eating. This is when one is rapidly eating large amounts of food at one sitting. Usually there is some restriction going on before the binge (but not always) and therefore psychologically the body and mind want to make up what was missed. If restriction is not present, then binging itself becomes the focus and a person will move into this trance state at every eating episode, often eating alone because of embarrassment, and shame.

If you are ready; If it is your time; If you have had enough; If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired… then I invite you to join us!

The next interactive online program ( with interactive conference calls) begins JULY 6 and it is open for registration NOW! This is a small group of women who gather weekly and the program is a very hands on intensive which has you shifting old ideas and starting new habits right from day 1 ! It will FILL UP fast, so don't wait on this one. I want to keep it small to ensure that everyone has a lot of 1:1 time on each call.here is a glance at what we will be covering :

12-Week Outline:

Week 1- Community

  • Food Diary

  • Connection
  • Commitment to Recovery

Week 2- Restriction and Healing

  • Throw Away the Scale
  • Inner Perfectionist
  • Food Diary

Week 3- Food Plan

  • Food Plan Verses Diet
  • Danger Foods
  • Meal Planning

Week 4- Spiritual Dilemma

  • Change Your Thinking
  • Connect with your Deepest Self
  • A Spiritual Solution

Week 5- Undernourished Body

  • Crowding Out

  • Cravings and Deficiency
  • How to "Nourish" and Replenish
  • Exercise

Week 6- Mindfulness and Food

  • Mindful Eating
  • Disassociation and Food
  • Breath and Connection

Week 7- Stress and Recovery- Why You Do It

  • Stress and Food
  • Change Perception
  • Self Esteem and Body Image

Week 8- Triggers and Food- A Deeper Look

  • Triggers and Distorted Thinking
  • What are you HUNGRY for?
  • A Deeper Look at : Loneliness and Anger

Week 9- Boundaries, Codependence and Food

  • Are you a " Caretaker”?
  • Do you " Self Sacrifice”?
  • People Pleasing and Food

Week 10- Self Esteem and Your Thoughts

  • What "Story" Keeps You Stuck
  • Negative Thinking
  • Thoughts and Hunger

Week 11- Guilt, Shame and Your Thoughts

  • Updating Old “Files”
  • Letting go of Guilt and Shame
  • Body Compassion

Week 12- Relapse Prevention

  • Long Term Stress Management

  • Maintenance and Prevention Plan
  • MASTER Problematic Eating- Not Just COPING!


In gratitude for you all and for this work I am offering an extra 1:1 session with me ( $95 value) for those of you who sign up before THIS coming Tuesday!

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Please click the link below now for details….and remember you must contact me to participate in the initial interview to see that this is a fit for you.  12 week program

If not THIS- what ? If not now, WHEN?  

Please share with those this may serve and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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