Pillar 1

Mindset Advantage Formula

Rewire the brain and remove the internal blocks for good! 


What I realized when I started my business was that, at that time, I was not yet the person who could make six figures online. 

I wasn’t the person who could own and run a successful business (yet), and I wasn’t the person who could attract clients who needed and wanted to do the work to get well.

 I needed to transform myself and transcend into this new version of me. I needed to grow into the person that could serve in a bigger way. I needed to rewire my brain for success! This was when I brought the cognitive behavioural work into my business and thank goodness- everything changed! I realized that so may female entrepreneurs out there were struggling- just like I had and so I started using the work with them as well. And to my surprise- it worked! Women were transcending their old patterns and beliefs and were finding freedom- both in their business and their lives!

Very soon after, we developed the Mindset Advantage Formula…a step-by-step process used to transcend the old out-dated beliefs and patterns and rewire the brain for success. It is based on the CBT work I had used on myself and clients for years, but simplified so that transformation could happen within 1 session

Today it is the foundation on which we help women attract their ideal clients with confidence, ease and joy! When coaches come to see us, they are often feeling overwhelmed and stuck because they are trying to operate their business from this old, out-dated mindset. It’s hard to watch because it just creates self sabotage and frustration!

 When you are operating from the new you, attracting clients and hitting your highest income goals happens with ease, because you are operating from a  present file system- your brain is in the here and now!
The best news about all of this...is that transcending the old self to the new doesn’t take months or years… Not even days! We often see a massive turn around in just one 90 minute session!

This Pillar is the magic sauce for client attraction AND the juiciest life possible!

Learn proven techniques for releasing your internal resistance for long term business success!

The Mindset Advantage Formula will Show YOU how to:

  • Breakthrough your Visibility Blocks Online
  • Create a Realistic and Transformative Marketing calendar you actually stick to
  • Attract Star Clients
  • Set up your habits for success (The daily routine and rituals behind the six-figure earners who win)
  • Attract Sales
  • Turn conversations into cash
  • Identify and Transform Limiting Beliefs
  • Own your Value to Charge with Ease
  • Embody Confidence and cash flow
  • Take your power back
  • Flip the switch on resistance
  • Attract your first high paying sale
  • Break through the overwhelm and learn to thrive in business

This system will fast track you to a 6 figure mindset AND a life you love! Want to learn more? Let's chat!