Insight Mastery Course

Breaking Free Practitioners Advanced Training Program

How would your life be different if you could master your cognitive skills with ANYONE suffering emotional turmoil at all, and feel relaxed with a regular wait list of ideal clients?

What if you could feel confident (because you are) working with someone with addiction, codependency, low self-esteem, work and personal relationship issues, food and weight challenges, eating disorders and have success with each and ever client that shows up?

Join Shelley Ugyan in this HIGH END, 4 Month Mentorship Program offered only for those who are ready to DIVE deep once and for all!


I know where you are now because I’ve been there too…

Just 8 years ago, I was stressed out working in this industry as a health coach.

Too many times my clients would come back week after week without making any progress. They would lose a few pounds just to gain it all back again. They would make small changes and get excited, only to come back 6 months later in the same original dysfunction.

Every session with a client like this was torture because they told me everything was OK… but nothing changed. They felt frustrated and hopeless because they just couldn’t stick to the plan we agreed to, and their life just didn't get better long term.

I would feel insecure and unsure because I didn’t know how to help them. I knew my plan worked but the clients just couldn’t follow through. Eventually the clients stopped showing up for their sessions or they ran out of sessions without making much progress.

“They had hired me to help them create lasting change in their life… and I had failed.”

  • I was burnt out and frustrated at how “hard” it was to help people stick to food plans, and I was getting bored of talking about smoothies and watching people suffer behind the scenes. I knew there was more going on and that food, booze, relationships, depression were all just symptoms.
  • I was working too hard for too little money, and in my heart I knew I wasn’t making the meaningful impact I was born for.
  • I became exhausted and stressed out. I felt I wasn’t working in a place where I was really making the kind of impact in health and wellness that I desired.


“I actually stopped seeing clients at this point. I just couldn’t do it anymore.”

I was tired of seeing every client show up asking for help with “food” when it was actually a deeper emotional issue.

I was tired of scratching the surface with tools promoted by coaches everywhere- knowing that much more was needed to make lasting change.


I made a decision to start sharing the cognitive approach– the approach that SAVED MY LIFE. I started sharing my story on social media and health professionals and therapists came out of the woodwork to ask for my help!

Shortly after that I launched the global game-changer in this industry, “Food Freedom Breaking Free Practitioner’s Training Program” and hundreds of coaches began having the huge success they always wanted with those tough clients!

Many coaches now understood the POWER of the cognitive work..but they realized that the potential with this work was MASSIVE and they began to ask me for  the training to really MASTER the techniques!

I was listening, and I’m happy to say that NOW, as a budding therapist, I am now sharing the mastery level course with this work! Its been 2 years in the making and it is finally being unleashed here NOW!

Introducing: Insight Mastery 

Maybe you are wondering if you need and are ready for the mastery level of this work?

Well…Let me ask you, does any of this sound familiar?…

  • I understand this material and I think it’s amazing, but Im still getting stuck with clients!
  • I use the exercises but clients still come back with the same issues and “stories” about why it isn’t working
  • I use the material but I don’t yet feel CONFIDENT with it.
  • I'm a beginner coach so I just don’t think Im ready
  • I just haven’t coached enough to take this on
  • I know that I could change lives with this stuff, but I feel like I need support really diving into it

My Insight Mastery System helps coaches and counsellors who work with clients (with ANY emotional challenges) to change lives!

Even if you have never worked with emotional eaters yet or have not worked at a deep level with a client suffering formally deep emotional pain…
OR you are seasoned in this area however you are not very skilled at Schema intervention Inner child unleveling, Cognitive behavioural Restructuring, and boundaries within Codependency, the INSIGHT system will show you the way to go deeper, so you can move forward with confidence. You have the basics, but this is a whole new level of Breakthrough Technique!

I have spent over $150,000 in training with the BEST Cognitive Specialist and a Masters of Counselling Program to really understand how to use and train others with this work. As a Cognitive Behavioural Specialist- I have taken pieces of that work, with my own trauma relief system that truly transforms not only emotional eaters, but any emotional issue you are working through with a client.

If you’re ready to expand your reach and impact with more lucrative, leveraged income and want to go deeper then I invite you to join!          


  • Pre-Requisite: You MUST have taken my Breaking Free Practitioners Training Program to Qualify for an Interview spot here. If you have not yet taken he program but are interested in the mastery program, please contact me ASAP!

This course is for you if…

  • You’re a coach, therapist, consultant, nutritionist, TCM, or mentor with an online or in person business and want to support your clients through deep rooted emotional patterns..with NO stress on you.
  • You know that in order to be successful you must be authentic with this work, and you are ready to take your experience with the cognitive approach to the next level.
  • You want the tools and structure that will bring you to a place of MASTERY, not coping.
  • You are not scared to do your own “cognitive work” in an area that feels like a struggle in your own life – this is how you will own this process! ( Don’t worry if you feel there is nothing you have to “work” on, just be prepared if something comes up).
  • You are ready to commit to doing with it takes to practice and learn these skills with a lot of mentorship from me every step of the way.
  • You are ready to support the other women in the group and be part of a very high vibe community of change makers and you are the type of person that is committed to GROWTH on all levels.

Personal Insight is the most basic function of the self-consciousness system. It is awareness of the processes that are influencing the individual. Individuals with high levels of insight know how they feel, what makes them tick, when and why they have conflicts, and what they need to feel fulfilled. Individuals with poor insight engage in more primitive psychological defenses like denial, and either are clueless about who they are or try to convince themselves they are something they are not.

Most individuals who are lacking in personal insight are struggling in some major area of life: addiction, emotional eating, co-dependency, failed relationship, family and work stress and so much more. In order to bring awareness and insight to your clients 2 components are essential:

  1. You must, as a coach have insight into your own shadows and distorted thoughts, especially those that have caused you suffering in the past.
  2. You must learn how to change the distorted thinking that is running your client’s life and have them restructure the pattern at the root so that they are free for life.

It’s common for individuals struggling with any addictive/ compulsive and codependent behavior to have destructive, negative thinking. Since cognition affects our well-being, changing harmful thought patterns is essential. The cognitive approach and Schema/ Inner Child Uplevel Shadow work you will use in this program addresses harmful thought patterns, which help clients recognize their ability to practice alternative ways of thinking, and regulates distressing emotions and harmful behavior.

How it Works


There are 6 modules that are presented bi-weekly. The final month has no new material because there will be a lot to practice and integration.

  • We meet biweekly on a 90 minute call where I walk you through the new integrative material and we dive into deep practice as well as personal work on each topic
  • Calls are recorded and you will have access to a Facebook Group with the women who are on the path with you- these are no ordinary women- let me assure you…they are set for MASTERY on ALL levels!
  • You will have 2 moths of email support after the 4 month program ends so that you can continue to integrate into your life and work with my ongoing support, as well as the group.
  • We will study 3 separate mastery texts and i will train you how to integrate the tools into your work and your life in a way that transforms.

I will give you homework (about 1 hour but you can do more or less depending on how much practice you want to do) between each session and you will receive a new strategy each session to use to breakthrough with clients! I will walk you through my personal system and show you how I shift someone from a place of despair to hope in under an hour!

This is an intensive SMALL, INTIMATE group program where you are getting my direct attention for 4 months, PLUS 2 months of email support afterwards, with all my personal tools and strategies.

Insight Mastery Course Description

This course includes:
6 months of support where you will learn:

  • A deep uncovering of what you are struggling with in your own life, or common negative thoughts that come up.* This also includes role valuing of common places clients get stuck and how to get them out
  • A deep specialized training with the “inner child” up level technique( this is necessary to really shift core beliefs- this will change everything in your practice!
  • How to implement my “secret breakthrough technique ” to really go deep with this material.
  • How to change belief systems- not just surface thoughts!
  • How to initiate difficult conversations with clients that lead to breakthroughs IN THAT SESSION
  • How to process your own unresolved childhood and how to help others “come into ” their adulthood for good.
  • How to clear the mental blocks so you can allow more money, and less stress into your life.
  • How to maximize your time working with clients and save yourself the stress of having them “get results”.
  • Mastery techniques to communicate with your clients and provide guidance. We will role play so that I can give you direct feedback on what you are doing well and what you can improve.
  • The top strategies for attracting ideal, long term clients and how to support them so they love you for it!

I also provide:

  • 2 private, 75 minute 1:1 coaching sessions (you will MASTER cognitive technique here).
  • Role Playing difficult clients in the cognitive framework
  • Guidance and advice through for 4 months of the course through 1:1 calls and email support, PLUS an additional 2 months of email support afterwards.
  • Coaching on how to help identify and get UNDER your clients beliefs
  • An opportunity to break free of ANY thinking that is getting you stuck in any area of life…I mean FOR GOOD!
  • Lifetime access to my Breaking Free Practitioners Training Program.
  • Access to my 6  “dig deep” MASTERY level tools and worksheets – this is no small thing!

Plus….  3 BONUS gifts!

These are my BEST PERSONAL handouts to share with clients!

  • Belief System Template: A powerful tool to help you to identify exactly what belief system your client is stuck with and which tools you need to facilitate with them!
  • Today’s “I CAN” Checklist: A fabulous handout for every client to help them stick to the goals of the program!
  • A “First Things First” Priority Worksheet: For clients to use daily to stay focus on their goals and self care!
  • My personal favourite The Gifts Response Card! This fantastic tool helps your clients stay positive, motivated and aware on a daily basis- they LOVE this!!
  • A BONUS 1:1 call within 30-days of your Insight Mastery Program completion to check-in and get your questions answered!!
  • 30-Days of email support from me to keep you on track and moving forward in your biz!

That's three 1: 1 training calls with me (value of $2300), PLUS 6 months of support and a group of amazingly supportive HIGH VIBE women changing lives!

What are the Benefits of this Program?

  • MASTER your confidence in identifying and changing core beliefs
  • MAGNETIZE ideal clients with ease and grace ( no more struggle!)
  • Be in complete INTEGRITY with the change you are offering in health and wellness!
  • EMANATE wisdom, truth, and trust because you have done your own “cognitive cleaning”
  • WITNESS your life and those around you shift radically..within a short number of weeks!

When the student is ready, the teacher appears!

Why I want to share my knowledge with you!
Having a coach in your corner is the #1 way to succeed fast.

I can tell you with 100% certainty that my business didn’t take off until I hired a coach to stand behind me and show me the way. It’s that simple. Invest in yourself and reap the rewards. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level (and you’re serious about making it happen), I’m here for you.

Words of wisdom I live by. Investing with mentors to teach me their proven systems has been MY secret to success. I hope you’ll give yourself this important coaching resource – an essential education for any health entrepreneur working with clients

Taking this step now will bring you so much closer to making more money and serving more clients, all with less personal fatigue. Think about the satisfaction of serving more and feeling less stressed in this meantime!

I invite you to say, “Yes!” now from a place of love for the lifestyle you want, the clients you’re here to serve, and the hugely profitable business you’re here to create.

My warmest wishes for your success,