12 Week Program

How to Overcome Problematic Eating for Good

Congratulations! You have just taken the biggest and most important step in your journey to healing your relationship with food. The next 12 weeks will be life-changing for you and I invite you to acknowledge the willingness you have shown in giving yourself a life free of emotional eating and compulsive eating.


Problematic Eating is a term that describes any situation whereby a person is compromised due to an inability to eat in a way that does not cause stress physically, emotionally and/or mentally. Usually this involves an over-concern with weight and shape, or general concern about how one looks. A person with Problematic Eating will experience emotional, cognitive and/or interpersonal triggers that will lead them to act out in behaviours that are destructive around food. Emotional eating, eating in response to feelings rather than hunger, is one factor that may exist. Eating compulsively, in a way that feels ” out of control” may also be present, periodically consuming food past the point of being full.


  • You think “today is the day” I will start eating mindfully and in a healthy way..but you can’t get started or you sabotage before the day is done.
  • You are often saying ” tomorrow it will be different” but nothing seems to change
  • You turn to food to deal with emotions
  • You eat unconsciously and wish you hadn’t once its over
  • You have a very critical inner voice that judges you for eating or not eating the “right” food
  • You have an eating disorder
  • You have tried every diet out there, and nothing works permanently
  • You are sick and tired of being on the roller coaster
  • You must loose weight and you want to do it in a healthy way that will last
  • You think and/or obsess about food a lot of the time
  • You cannot seem to loose the weight you need to regardless of what ” diet” you have tried
  • You are ready to look inside and change the thoughts that are affecting true recovery
  • You are ready to heal…for life
  • You are ready to make peace with food ( It is not the enemy)

In the 12 week course,  the focus is on emotional and compulsive eating exclusively but be aware that other disorders with food may be present also. It is important that self awareness and honesty are at the forefront of each individual’s recovery.

As a Problematic Eater, it is common to feel like there is no “off “button. We struggle with the ability to use food as its true purpose rather than a tool to mask what is really going on.

Our instincts are to take care of ourselves. Eaters who eat instinctively are able to choose foods they want and they eat to live rather than live to eat. Essentially, their thinking around food is not distorted. The exciting news here is that this thinking can be adjusted and therefore complete healing is possible for anyone. In the next 12 weeks we will begin to look at what is weighing us down or eating at us… What are we really craving? Other than physical hunger, the other greatest hunger in life is not for food, money, success, slim this, safety, or even love. What we are really hungry for most is for transformation and a connection or unity with a force bigger than our conflicted being. What we are actually  hungry for is a connection to our deepest self. When we stop trying to fill our empty spaces with food, we make room for the foundation for the rest of our lives.


This 12 week program is designed to take you through a proven method to healing emotional and compulsive overeating for good. Each week focuses on a specific elements in the healing process. There are no rules in terms of sticking to what is outlined in each week although the modules are shared in a sequence for a reason. This is a step by step journey and I have given you every step to heal.

This program is laid out sequentially  because healing compulsive overeating eating does not happen overnight and is a process that must be taken with much nurturance, patience, and understanding.

You have already taken the first and most difficult step in the journey, so know that you will be guided and supported as you continue on the path.

You will receive 12 Modules over the 12 weeks as well as 12 recorded calls from previous live groups who are working through each module. This way you will get a chance to listen to others struggles along the way and how they have used the program each week. I give feedback on these calls as well and then I read through the module for the following week on the calls.

After the weekly session, you to read and complete the homework for the following  week. For example after listening to call #1, you will read the first module and work on that for the week. The next week you listen to the 2nd call, then read the module. All of the assignments are tools for you and you may find that some come easier, and more comfortably than others.

There is no “right” or “wrong” way to complete the program but your openness and willingness to show up 100% each week will provide a solid foundation for your long-term healing.


  • Get “conscious” and come out of the “trance”, the ” highway hypnosis” around food!
  • Learn how to identify the distorted thoughts that leave you trapped
  • Develop a daily mindfulness and meditation practice that will shift your patterns with food and weight
  • Learn how to LOVE who you are
  • Access to a lifetime of tools resources to combat Problematic Eating and any time
  • Let go of the prison of food and weight FOR LIFE
  • Get off of the DIET roller coaster once and for all !
  • See life and your place in it in a whole new way !
  • Let go, once and for all, of the behaviors that keep you stuck
  • Learn how to take care of your body nutritionally
  • A 12 week manual and several handouts/worksheets to use long after the course is over
  • Email support with me through the 12 weeks and 1 call 1:1 at any time though the program, with the option for more.

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